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Richie Plantations Limited has been an active partner in various afforestation projects in Ghana since its incorporation.The company is well positioned to undertake its own private afforestation project termed “Carbon Village” with the sole aim of contributing to reducing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and targeting the carbon market for the project’s long-term sustainability.

This project is within the reasonable expectation of the Company for undertaking restoration of arable and mined out sites in selected communities in Ghana for improved livelihoods in those communities over the years.


The Carbon Village Afforestation Project is currently under development by Richie Plantations Limited(RPL), which is private company. The plan is to cover an estimated area of over 50,000 hectares in three selected locations in the Eastern and Ashanti Regions of Ghana over five-year period. The Project which started in August 2022 has already planted about 800 hectares in two locations. The areas comprise of abandoned farm lands with declined fertility status. In the absence of the project, farmers will farm but at low yields and apply increased level inorganic fertilizers with implication for emissions. Unfarmed area suffers increased exposure to bushfire.


Various native and non-native species including Khaya ivorensis, Acacia kamerunensis, Terminalia superba, and Nauclea diderrichii, Teak, Mahogany suitable for dryland afforestation are being planted. 


The project activities are in three (3) phases and these are; Land Acquisition phase, Land preparation and nursery phase, and Planting and Tendering phase. Any secured funding is specifically to cover the five-year project cycle. Subsequently, it will be followed by the management of the plantations which is also well within the corporate strategic imperative of Richie Plantations Limited.

The objective of the RPL ‘Carbon Village” project is to enhance carbon stock and biodiversity in the landscape for improved livelihoods of communities in the project area. It will secure both arable and other degraded lands.