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Our Core Services

Richie Plantations core mandate is promoting afforestation, revegetation, reclamation and re-afforestation of degraded lands.

Promote Tree Planting

The company's mission is to promote tree planting in Ghana and the West African Sub Region

Advisory Services

Providing advisory services and education to tree planters across Ghana and the West African Sub Region

Develop Nursery Sites

We have developed nursery sites in Dunkwa, Akwatiakwaso, Techire, Akotom, Adinkra, Agona Swedru and Jonjoso

Reclaim Degraded Lands

We are focused on reclaiming degraded lands caused by illegal mining and other activities through afforestation

Commercial Hybrid Palm

As part of our major activities, we are focused on producing commercial hybrid palm seedlings for Ghana and West African Sub Region.